My Cosmology

This is most probably the only cosmology which, in addition and only based on verified results, explains not only the cosmic centrifugal force
by the Big Bang and the Big Bang itself, but also the emergence and nature of gravity, and thus is as comprehensive as possible,
especially as it differentiates between cosmos and universe.
The cosmos inhabited by us is one sub-unit of the universe which came into existence by a common incidence, the Big Bang.

The verified Results:
As much as quantum physics is based on experimentally verified results, thus cosmology should also be based on undeniable facts.

Gravity and centrifugal force exist.
The law of conservation of energy is effective.
The cosmos expands - in contrast to its subunits which hold together.
It necessarily expands faster and faster because due to its expansion gravity in space decreases.

Every effect has a cause (but not every existence, as for example that of the universe).
The cause of the cosmic centrifugal force must have been a cosmic mega explosion (what is known as Big Bang);
The cause of the cosmic mega explosion must be matter/anti-matter flowing together due to attraction, which, if density is sufficient, generates anti-matter/matter.

Thus, if something must necessarily have existed outside and before our cosmos in order that it has been able to come into existence,
then not later than at this point you must differentiate between cosmos and universe,
in order to be able to argue comprehensibly.
The universe has no boundaries in space and time - what should set boundaries to it?
Countless cosmoses or other phenomena can exist in the universe.

The mega explosion is not only the cause of the cosmic centrifugal force but also the counterpart of gravity.
At the moment of the mega explosion all matter became one by correlation, which is why matter always tends to merge.
In terms of physics, matter particles are not distant to each other, which is why they act instantaneously.
When taking into consideration the verified results, the rest is self-evident.

(Also see "My Premises" after the following text)

The Universe
The universe has no borders in space and time.
There are countless cosmos in it, as well as there are countless galaxies in a cosmos.
Cosmos arise from a mega-explosion of flocking together matter (so-called Big Bang).
Trigger of the mega-explosion is very probably an anti-matter which forms itself in the case of sufficient compression.
Therefore, according to my opinion, the matter must have neither reached total homogeneity (give 'germs' of the new galaxis), nor have been condensed on a very small radius (make the the inflationary phase superfluous).
In the mega-explosion all affected matter is entangled to a new unity.
The ability to enter into entanglement is a general quality of the matter.
Crossed unities react as a Whole independently from space and time (non-locality). They are not "distant" to themselves.
The primary entanglement reveals itself as a gravitation which gravitates all parts of the new unity toward each other.
Therefore, the mechanics is to be complemented with the following theorem:
"Every existing matter has two complementary aspects: its own and that of the whole.
Its own aspect is experienced as inertia, the holistic aspect appears as its (matter's) interest directed on itself in the gravity field."

Unity of the world: Everything exerts effects of gravity and everything is subject to it.
Unity of physics: The theorem knows no "problem of the quantum gravity", because quanta and gravity belong together:
The gravity field is an integral permanent feature that belongs to every form of matter and radiation.
It spreads out evenly in the space, i.e. its gravity effect dwindles with the square of the distance (= the same amount of the energy in every distance).
Its density results from the amount and the distance of the concentrated matter.
The gravity field affects every particle and besides in the same way, that is why it depends only on its density while falling, however not on the amount, nature or form of the falling object.
The escape velocity of its galaxies increases with the increasing expansion of a universe. No additional assumptions are necessary for this purpose.
However, the following can work strengthening: gravitation cannot dilute itself at will because of the quantization of the energy, its outreach is limited.
However, from the first moment on it is effective on the place of the action.
It is neither a long-distance effect, nor it must "bend" the surrounding space afore what would be then scarcely a long-distance effect.
(Apart from the fact that there is no physical object "space" that could be damnified in any way.)
Already according to Newton bodies are not the cause of its gravitation, but only their centre (Principia, definition VIII), that is why it was and is wrong to imply Newton the assumption of long-distance effects.
Even if he used its centre as an arithmetic approach just to simplify it, it was clear to him that the gravity effect is connected with the single particles.
Hence, for perihelion events its gravitation equation is not enough precise because of the expansion and different density of the sun.
As the perihelion gyration of close-to-sun orbit of planets shows, the gravity field with the belonging matter rotates probably simultaneously. Why should it not do this?
The cosmic centrifugal force resulted by the mega-explosion as well counteracts the gravitation.
Therewith the second integral feature of all matter and radiation comes into effect: inertia, which is immanent to them.
The resultant of both forces is a structured cosmos whereof the observable one gives us an example.
Its structure alone is already the stringency that there must have been the mega-explosion which is admittedly only one transition stage of matter.
In the cosmos inhabited by us the centrifugal force obviously prevails, so that on a continuing basis its parts will lose themselves in the infinity.
Maybe they meet sometime with other matter there with which they establish then a new connection and build thus a new subunit of the universe.
Or they encounter worlds from anti-matter whereby it comes to a new mega-explosion as well. (Günther Faust)
Additionally it might be that our cosmos is a part of a hyper-unit which he is subject to in the way of gravitation or in other ways.
Maybe the effects which have been accredited up to now to an undiscovered dark energy originate from this physical hyper-unit.
I understand all of this to start one thinking and promoting a worldview of great simplicity, clarity and beauty.

Result: The cosmos come and go, however, the energy, the universe remains!

My Premises

First of all it is necessary to distinguish the "Universe" as a unrestricted All-One and "Cosmos" as a subdivided through the joint incident restricted order in All-One. This is the key to my cosmology. The common constant mix-up of both of these terms must end. There can be only ONE All-One! Otherwise there would be no universe. Only the correct usage of these terms helps to achieve the clarity of thinking!

Secondly it is necessary to comply with the law of conservation of energy without any ifs and buts. With it, so popular these days irrational theory of the creation of the world (or rather : of the cosmos) out of "Nothingness" is superfluous, which creation won't be more understandable even with a help of God or quantum foam. Physics and cosmology are in my opinion as long strict sciences as they are based on the law of conservation of energy . Without this law all reasoning is arbitrary.

In addition, I see, maybe as a first, the ability of the matter to enter into entanglements as a general property of it, and also rename clearly the source of cosmic gravity and centrifugal force: the mega-explosion at the birth of our cosmos.

I consider it to be essential, to let the physical dimensions, by which we acquire the world purely spiritual, be. With me, physical dimensions do not become pseudo-objects, which tend to be used these days often as an argument. This pseudo-physics has in my opinion estranged physics from its true subject - the matter in every form - the most , and due to that would need to be reinvented (s. Robert B. Laughlin "A Different Universe - Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down" 2005, Basic Books).

In the end it's also about giving more room for the idea of emergence in physics. Already the formation of antimatter, that leads to the "Big Bang", is an emergent phenomenon of the large number on the limited space, that causes a new dominant order- the cosmos , what one wouldn't tell about the underlying matter - which however reigns it!

The subdivided cosmos is the greatest possible representation of emergent phenomenon,
while the rationally gifted life is the strongest emergent phenomenon of which we know.
I think that commensurate understanding of the common ground of both of them,
is the biggest challenge of exactly this reason and the object of my efforts.

How rational thought thinkers of the ancients?

Lukrez (approx. 96-55) (lat.: Titus Lucretius Carus): "(In the cosmos) there are always things from all sides in incessant motion and they complementary shoot endless bodies of matter from out of the infinite (the endless room)' ." Remark: from out of the infinite (dem Unendlichen) and not from out of nowhere (Nichts)!

Heraclitus (approx. 544-483): "The given nice order of all things, the same in all, has not been made by any god or man, but it always has been, is, and will be an ever-living fire, kindling itself by regular measures and going out by [the same] regular measures."

Already earlier Anaximander from Milet (around 611-545) had taught: "The primary cause of all things being is the unlimited. Because everything arises from it and everything elapses to it. That is why also unlimitedly many worlds are produced and elapse to that from which they arise." - This is to a certain extent the abridgement of My Cosmology.

the verified results, universe, without borders, cosmos, mega-explosion, initial entanglement, non-locality, gravity field, quantising of the gravitation, cosmic centrifugal force, hyper-unit (= Übereinheit).

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"The verified Results" translated by Martha Greiner-Jetha, Gröbenzell near Munich, Germany

About Emergence Phenomena (Holism')
Already in 1972 in the scientific magazine SCIENCE, the US-american physician Philip W. Anderson advised against the consequences of a reductionistic philosophy of research, as it predominated back then. It assumes that one can understand things by splitting them into their smallest parts. Anderson countered, that reductionism will never be able to explain macrocosmic phenomena like solid state bodies, plants, human beings or the universe. He ended his article "The whole is not only more, but even something very different than the sum of its parts". To be able to understand the characteristics of big and complex conglomerates of elementary particles, a kind of scientific research will have to be done that will be just as fundamental as the exploration of the smallest particles itself.
Source: The science journal of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (Munich, Germany) "MaxPlanckForschung" issue 4/2008

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