Gravity and Quantum Physics

Note in german from June 2011

"Being is holding together... together all as one.""
(Parmenides approx. 540 - 480, About Being)

The verified Results

Here a summary of what we definitely know about the gravity and soundly can say:

  1. The gravity exists.
  2. The gravity cannot be shielded, what is already an important indication of its priority and nature.
  3. Belonging to the particle/body, it is spreading itself evenly as gravitational field round the space.
  4. Any object has gravity and is subjected to it.
  5. While falling in a gravitational field not the nature of the falling object but its local force and resulting from it direction is what counts.
  6. The ratio of the mass/energy of an object and its gravitational force is constant (gravitational constant).
  7. What we as well might know in the quantum physics age: also the gravitational force is an entanglement phenomenon caused by the so called Big-Bang of the cosmos inhabited by us, for which reasonall its parts behave like one and makes these parts attract each other in order (to become again one being/entity).
  8. The entanglement phenomenon has no time factor.
  9. Thus the gravity is from the beginning at the place of its work, it must neither rush first through the space nor 'bend' itself beforehand.
  10. I think that the gravity range of an object is restricted by the Planck constant. That means that field cannot reduce itself as much as it would like to.
This fact contributes to the increasingly accelerated expansion of the cosmos, as evidenced by ever-faster 'escape' of its quasars and galaxies, which is already unavoidable due to reduction of the gravity in the intergalactic space. Therefore there is not only no problem between the gravity and the particles, on contrary: only quantum physics makes us understand the gravity and the cosmos.

That is in my opinion all what we, within the meaning of the quantum physics positivism based on the observable, definitely know and can soundly say and it is also all we need to know and what should be understood. All other assumptions of the 'explanation' of the gravity which are going beyond it are in my opinion pure and unnecessary fiction. For me, that belongs to the honesty and modesty in the science.

In this context I would lie to recall what Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker* hoped on the 49th Physicists Conference in Munich in 1985 on the occasion of the Niels Bohr's centenary birthday: "But in exact reverse of Einstein's hope I would assume that this (in future comprehensive) theory would not profit from the reduction of the quantum theory of the space-time-continuum, but from derivation of the space-time-continuum as classic borderline case of the pure quantum theory." By this the sadly missed unity of physic will be re-established and will make Einstein's assumptions redundant.
*C. F. v. Weizsäcker, Zeit und Wissen, dtv München 1995, S. 785

Supplement to the unity of physic:
Just as Newton discovered the common denominator between the falling of an apple and the revolving of planets around 1680, and just as Faraday brought together electricity and magnetism by the discovery of electromagnetism around 1830, it is now time, to consider gravity and entanglement as a unity und thus give physics a new direction.

To consider gravitation as a phenomenon of entanglement, created during the Big Bang and without a time factor, however contradicts the view familiar to many people, yet it is no arbitrary assumption but, firstly, due to the verified findings is a necessary consequence, and, secondly, this assumption settles all cosmologists’ attempts to explain gravitation, and, thirdly, it creates a cosmological world view which physically cannot be exceeded in its great simplicity, clarity and beauty.

"Every ultimate fact is only the first of a new series." (Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882)
© HILLE 2011/2012 u. 2014 (supplement)

Claus Laemmerzahl
On: by emaile
Subject: Gravity and quantum physics
Date: 14. Oct 2011 19:59

Dear Mister Hille,

thanks a lot for your e-mail. Basically I can agree to your comments.
The classical world should emerge from the quantum-mechanical one
and complex systems often do develop new qualities. ...

All the best,
Claus Laemmerzahl.
Head of Fundamental Physics Departement ZARM - Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity
University Bremen
Am Fallturm 1
28359 Bremen
Chairman of Departement "Gravity and Theory of Relativity"
of "Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft" (DPG)

Translation by Martha Greiner-Jetha (Gröbenzell near Munich, Germany)

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Lecture presented at the 78th conference of the German Physical Society in March 2014, in Berlin, in sections "Philosophy of Physic"