Quantum Physics and Cosmology

The secured findings

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"Especially in times where physics seems to describe not even five percent of the universe while the rest lies in the dark, it could be worth to put the fundamentals of a science to the test and to revise them." (Quotation by Meinard Kuhlmann, June 2016 in the magazine "Physik Journal"). Before starting with it, I think it is important to realize which secured findings on cosmology there are already today, far from all ideology and hypotheses. As I can point out, these findings and their consequences should be sufficient to create a cosmological conception of the world of great simplicity, clearness and beauty by means of quantum physics using its potential. In this way, quantum physics re-establishes the unity in physics and overcomes the standstill in theoretical physics, which the American physicist Richard Feynman called "The melancholy of the 20th century".

Thematic overview
I. Quantum Physics and Gravity
II. Quantum Physics and Cosmology
III. The Unity of Physics

I. Quantum Physics and Gravity
Here a summary of what we definitely know about the unity of Physics can say:

  1. The gravity exists.
  2. The gravity cannot be shielded, what is already an important indication of its priority and nature.
  3. Belonging to the particle/body, it is spreading itself evenly as gravitational field round the space.
  4. Any object has gravity and is subjected to it.
  5. While falling in a gravitational field not the nature of the falling object but its local force and resulting from it direction is what counts.
  6. The ratio of the mass/energy of an object and its gravitational force is constant (gravitational constant).
  7. What we as well might know in the quantum physics age: also the gravitational force is an entanglement phenomenon caused by the so called Big-Bang of the cosmos inhabited by us, for which reasonall its parts behave like one and makes these parts attract each other in order (to become again one being/entity).
  8. The entanglement phenomenon has no time factor.
  9. Thus the gravity is from the beginning at the place of its work, it must neither rush first through the space nor 'bend' itself beforehand.
  10. I think that the gravity range of an object is restricted by the Planck constant. That means that field cannot reduce itself as much as it would like to.

This fact contributes to the increasingly accelerated expansion of the cosmos, as evidenced by the ever-faster 'escape' of its quasars and galaxies, which is already unavoidable due to reduction of the gravity in the intergalactic space.

Therefore there is not only no problem between the gravity and the particles, on contrary:
Only quantum physics makes us understand the gravity and the cosmos.

In my opinion that is all what we, within the meaning of the quantum physics positivism based on the observable, definitely know and can soundly say and it is also all we need to know and what should be understood. All other assumptions of the 'explanation' of the gravity which are going beyond it are in my opinion pure and unnecessary fiction. For me, that belongs to the honesty and modesty in the science.

II. Quantum Physics and Cosmology
As much as quantum physics is based on experimentally verified results, thus cosmology should also be based on undeniable facts.

  1. Gravity and centrifugal force exist.
  2. The law of conservation of energy is effective.
  3. The cosmos expands - in contrast to its subunits which hold together.
  4. It necessarily expands faster and faster because due to its expansion gravity in space decreases.
  5. Every effect has a cause (but not every existence, as for example that of the universe).
  6. The cause of the cosmic centrifugal force must have been a cosmic mega explosion (what is known as Big Bang);
  7. The cause of the cosmic mega explosion must be matter/anti-matter flowing together due to attraction, which, if density is sufficient, generates anti-matter/matter.
  8. Thus, if something must necessarily have existed outside and before our cosmos The mega explosion is not only the cause of the cosmic centrifugal force but also the counterpart of gravity. At the moment of the mega explosion all matter became one by correlation, which is why matter always tends to merge.
  9. In terms of physics, matter particles are not distant to each other, which is why they act instantaneously.
  10. When taking into consideration the verified results, the rest is self-evident.
  11. In order that it has been able to come into existence, then not later than at this point you must differentiate between cosmos and universe, in order to be able to argue comprehensibly.
  12. The universe has no boundaries in space and time - what should set boundaries to it? Countless cosmoses or other phenomena can exist in the universe.

Conclusion: The cosmen come and go, but the energy, the universe remains!

III. The Unity of Physics    - should be the greatest wish of all physicists -

Just as Newton discovered the common denominator between the falling of an apple and the revolving of planets around 1680, and just as Faraday brought together electricity and magnetism by the discovery of electromagnetism around 1830, it is now time, to consider gravity and entanglement as a unity and thus give physics a new direction, in which the same laws apply for the cosmos and the quantum. Without any arbitrary assumption I have hopefully succeeded in conveying a cosmological know about of great simplicity, clearness and beauty by means of quantum physics which will give the feeling of having experienced the rising of a wonderful physics and cosmology. Stay tuned!

© HILLE 2017/2019 DPG-Group Philosophy of Physics
Translation 2017 by Martha Greiner-Jetha (Gröbenzell near Munich, Germany)

Autumn 2019 Text as poster FM 65.1
1st DPG Fall Meeting, University Freiburg (Germany), Poster Session on September 25 2019
Poster Freiburg
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"The key: gravity is an entanglement phenomenon"
Papers to take away: Quantum Physics and Cosmology | Quantenphysik und Kosmologie | Sentenz "Gott würfelt nicht" - oder doch?
(FM 65.2: DLR = Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt/German Aerospace Center/Research Center Oberpfaffenhofen)

Commentary: My scientific motives
I think it cannot be wrong to understand the unity of physics without hypotheses, it cannot be wrong to think further about quantum physics and it cannot be wrong, strict adherence to the principle of preservation of energy. In this sense, my proposal is fundamentally different from the current physics, which wants to unite the irreconcilable, just to maintain the status quo. And for cosmology it is important to finally distinguish cosmos and universe, because this clarifies the past and future of our cosmos and eliminates the belief in the emergence of the world out of nowhere.
Helmut Hille

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