Test your Knowledge!

Questions and Answers about Evolution

What do you hold correct?
Please answer first spontaneously - and then again after some rethinking
    Question 1: Is the evolution
  • a) the result of natural laws?
  • b) or does it generate its own principles?

    Question 2: Is the change of species

  • a) a consequence of adaptation?
  • b) or is it the consequence of a genetic ramification?

    Question 3: What is a stronger force for selection

  • a) the resources of a biotope?
  • b) or the resources of the immune system?

    Question 4: Is the erect walk of the human being

  • a) a consequence of his being a human being?
  • b) Or is it the decisive condition of being human?

    Question 5: Is man

  • a) a "naked ape" (Desmond Morris)?
  • b) or did his naked state stop him being an ape?

My answers to the questions of the test

Did you really know it? And did you also describe it correctly? Perhaps you have noticed how incorrect our every day phrases can be and how important our own role as observer is for all descriptions. He who does not make an effort to express himself correctly because he does not think it over, will not fully understand the matter about which he wants to speak, and thus will not be able to describe it properly. This is the root of most of the problems, which we have with things also in science.

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