Test your Knowledge!

Questions and Answers about Epistemology (Theory of Cognition) and Brain Research

What do you hold correct?
Please answer first spontaneously - and then again after some rethinking
    Question 1:
  • a) Do we know the concept of a rectangle from experience?
  • b) Or do we see or recognize rectangles because we have a concept of a rectangle?

    Question 2:

  • a) During perception, does the brain predominantly deal with the incoming data?
  • b) Or do these data rather modulate the inner monolog?

    Question 3:

  • a) Are data identical with information?
  • b) Or is information something into which the brain turns the data?

    Question 4:

  • a) Is the outside world what was given to us spontaneously?
  • b) Or are the judgements on the outside world given to us spontaneously?

    Question 5:

  • a) Is "truth" the congruence of statement and fact?
  • b) Or do we sense the congruence of statement and knowledge as "true"?

My answers to the questions of the test

Did you really know it? And did you also describe it correctly? Perhaps you have noticed how incorrect our every day phrases can be and how important our own role as observer is for all descriptions. This is the root of most of the problems, which we have with things also in science.

Translation by Martha Greiner-Jetha (Gröbenzell near Munich, Germany)

Questions and Answers about Cosmology and Theory of Measurement
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